​​Business Terms
1. Registration :

The registration process is very simple. You need to visit our Seller Central, click on the Register Now, and we will ask you to give some details, like Contact Details and Basic Company Information. After reviewing your Information, we will respond to you with next steps.

The Subscription and Product Listing on Auzaro.Com is absolutely FREE. We do not charge any amount for Listing of your Product or your Seller Registration or Subscription on Auzaro.Com. We will charge our Sales Commission, Shipping/Reverse Shipping Charges, COD Charges (if any) and a Fixed Closing Fee, collectively known as Marketplace Fee, when your Product is Sold. The Commission details are mentioned here, Commission details

As, it is illegal to Sell without VAT and CST Number, you need to provide VAT and CST Number, with the Copy of VAT and CST Registration at the time of Registration. The details of documents are listed below,

  • Scanned Copies of VAT & CST Certificates
  • Scanned Copies of Company PAN Card (or, PAN Card of Proprietor for Sole Proprietorship Firm)
  • Scanned Copies of Company Registration Certificates
  • Scanned Copies of Company Electricity Bill (or, in the Name of Partners for Partnership Firm)
  • Scanned Copies of Company Telephone Bill (or, in the Name of Partners for Partnership Firm)
  • A Cancelled Cheque of the Bank Account, which will be used for Transactions, and it should belong to the either Company or, in the Name of Partners(for Partnership Firms) or, in the Name of Proprietors for Sole Proprietorship Firms) or, in the Name of Trusts & Foundations(for Trusts & Foundations)
2. Product Listing :

Once you are a Registered Seller on Auzaro.Com, you can List your Products at your Seller Account. You can List your Product either One-by-one or you can do Bulk Uploading. We are creating total 15 Main Categories and around 1600 Sub-categories for you to upload your Product which belongs to the Specific Category. If you feel that your Product does not fit in any of these categories and you want us to create a new Category for you, we request you to kindly Send us a Mail to support@Auzaro.com , with all the Product Details. We will review your request to check if the Product can be sold on Auzaro.Com and create a new Category for you within 48 hours.

Attributes : Similarly, we have created attributes for you to Select while you upload your Product details. If you feel additional attributes are required for your product, such as Brand Names, Colors etc., we request you to send us a mail to support@Auzaro.com ,with all the Product details and the attributes you want us to add. We will add the same within 48 hours.

Please refer to our Product Listing Policy, for more details

3. Products We Sell, Products We do not Sell and Restricted Products :

Products We Sell : We Sell almost all the Physical Products, those are being Sold on Internet now-a-days. Please refer to our Complete Category List,

Products we do not Sell: Vegetables & Groceries, FMCG Products (except some Nutrition and Healthcare Products), Food and Beverages, Medicines, Cars, Real Estate, Insurance and Policies, Subscriptions, and any types of Instant Downloadable items. We will not be Selling any types of Garments and Footwear, belonging to any Category, as of now. We will start with this Section very shortly, and you will be notified accordingly.

Restricted Products : Please refer to the list of Prohibited and Restricted Items

4. Inventory Management & Product Pricing Management:

You need to check and update the inventory and Product Price on a regular basis. There should not be any wrong information related to inventory status or the Product Price. If any Sale becomes unsuccessful, due to the mismanagement or wrong information provided in the inventory status or Product Price, it will be considered as Violation of our Policy. If any order gets cancelled due to the mismanagement of Inventory or Product Pricing Management, it will be considered as Cancelled due to Seller fault and Seller is liable to pay the Cancellation Fees accordingly. Please refer our Cancellation fees .

For any issues regarding the Product MRP, please refer to our MRP Breach Policy .

5. Return or Exchange :

We have 10 Days Return/Exchange Policy. A Buyer needs to raise the Return/Exchange request, within 10 Days from the Date of Delivery of the Product. Once a Buyer raises a Return/Exchange request (say, by contacting us on the Customer Care number provided on the Website or sent us a mail on care@Auzaro.com or returns@Auzaro.com , you need to respond to the buyer’s replacement request, within three (3) days from the date of replacement request placed by the buyer. Please refer to our Return/Exchange Policy

6. Shipping :

After an order is placed by the Buyer, you need to complete all the necessary Packaging, including all other related formalities and mark the Product as Ready to Ship, putting the AWB Number into the System within 48 hours.

Auzaro.Com mandates delivery via Logistics partners associated with Auzaro.Com to all customers buying from Auzaro.Com. Auzaro.Com shall deduct the shipping cost from the transaction value before settlement. Please refer our Payment policy for more details.

7. Payments :

Auzaro.Com is having 10 Days payment Policy. That means, once a Product is Sold and Delivered Successfully to the Buyer, and the Buyer is satisfied with the Product and no Exchange/Return request raised against the Product within 10 Days of its delivery, your outstanding amount for that particular sale will be eligible for Payment on 11th Day. Auzaro.Com will deduct the Market Place Fee, which includes, Sales Commission, Shipping Charges, COD Charges (if any), Fixed Closing Fee and Applicable Service Tax for the Marketplace Fee and Credit the Payments to your Bank Account. Please refer to our Payment Surcharges Policy .

8. Payment Method :

Auzaro.Com will release the Payments to the Sellers 6 Days a Week. That means from Monday to Saturday whichever day is getting as 11th Day for a particular Sale, Auzaro.Com will the release the Payment for that Sale on the same day, and it will be credited to the Sellers Bank Account. The daily Payment details will be uploaded on the Seller Panel on a daily basis.

9. Billing and Invoice to the Sellers :

Auzaro.Com will send an Invoice on every 1st of the Month, where all the Transactions and Payment details from 1st to 30th or 31st of the Last month will be mentioned. Auzaro.Com will send the Invoice once in a month.

10. Seller Safety Program(SSP) and Seller Safety Fund(SSF) :

The Seller Safety Program (SSP) is to protect sellers from losses incurred due to customer returns or courier returns received in an unacceptable state via compensation from Seller Safety Fund (SSF), thus ensuring that the seller does not get impacted. The Seller needs to intimate Auzaro.Com regarding any issues on the returned product, within 2 Days from the date of receipt of returns by the seller. Furthermore, this program has been designed to protect the sellers’ interests and make Auzaro.Com a secure medium for sellers to conduct business. We request Sellers to intimate us to raise issues which come under Seller Safety Program, by sending a mail to sellers@Auzaro.com.